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Losing Weight as a Sedentary Nerd

Hello friends,

I wanted to post a little something about losing weight. There's a lot of guides, howtos, plans, etc... and I'm sure a lot of them work great. I just wanted to add my two cents as someone who is extremely sedentary. I play a lot of video games, have internet friends, watch Netflix, etc... and I know there's other people out there like this. 

My Weight Loss Progress and Program

Since starting back into my weight loss "program" (it's a joke to even call it that) in December I have lost about 40lbs. I went from 320 to around 280. 

The "program" is stupidly simple. Every day I walk about 3 miles. It takes about an hour at a medium-brisk pace. I just toss on a podcast or album and just start trucking. That's literally it. This burns ~700-1000 calories depending on your speed and helps create the calorie deficit for your day.



The Actual Hurdles and "Secrets" of Weight Loss

There are a few things that hide themselves from plain sight when you are trying to lose weight so here are the do's and don't I found.

Do not change your diet radically unless you're eating nothing but McDonalds.
If you start eating only salads and never let yourself enjoy burgers and fries and cupcakes you are going to feel extremely stressed and will likely fall back into your old eating habits because they offered you happiness. Which leads into...

Portion controlling is actually done by eating slower.
Your mind has been trained into thinking that eating non-stop until you feel full is how you satiate hunger. That's not actually how it works but your mind has been duped! You actually feel full after much smaller portions but it takes almost 20 minutes for that feeling of "full" to really kick in. One of the biggest parts of weight loss is re-training your mind into understanding that you WILL feel full and that you don't need to keep pounding down the roast beef.

Exercise leads to feeling more energized which leads to inadvertent exercise.
Once you start exercising you start feeling like you have energy to do things. Errands, cleaning, going places, making out etc... This leads to you getting extra energy spent! 


In Conclusion..

This shit is mad easy. The only hard part is getting the fuck up right now and starting. Like right now. Not tomorrow or later. I don't care what time it is. 

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